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A Cross-section of Alberta Innovation



Correct-Ai is meeting the need for safer, more efficient operation of heavy-duty equipment. The Canadian industrial robotics and artificial intelligence company aims to mitigate operational risks to personnel and equipment.


RUNWITHIT Synthetics

RUNWITHIT Synthetics helps cities design sustainable, equitable, resilient futures, while enabling people to measure the outcomes and impacts of policy choices using advanced simulation and other techniques.


Total Containment

Led by president and CEO Larry Young, Total Containment Inc. has developed two patented pipeline secondary containment systems with integrated leak detection ensuring transported products have no interaction with the environment.



Alberta sets the pace

For more than a century, Albertans have been setting the pace of innovation. We are continually transforming the present and influencing the future from reimagining energy to reinvigorating health care to revolutionizing technology. Albertans are innovating every day, in every sector, in every corner of this province. This Learn How website is a testament to the thriving ingenuity of Albertan innovation. 


Alberta Innovates is the province’s largest research and innovation agency. From funding to commercialization, we are Alberta’s innovation engine.


We are working to solve today’s challenges, create new opportunities and forge a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future for Albertans today and for generations to come.


We are where innovation happens, and we touch every corner of the province for the benefit of all Albertans.

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