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The Learn How Initiative is a creative showcase of Alberta's innovation across a variety of sectors.

Albertans have always been focused on innovation. It's in our blood. Although Alberta has primarily been known for its oil & gas and agriculture expertise, the province is far more diverse. Alberta is also:

  • A developing powerhouse in tech and emerging tech, deeply entrenched in many other industries including artificial intelligence with Amii and Google Deep Mind.

  • Home to eight Regional Innovation Networks that are entrepreneur-centric, community-based networks with the goal of providing programs and services to accelerate growth of technology and knowledge-based businesses across the province.

  • Home to four globally-recognized Accelerators.

  • Home to startups, entrepreneurs, and applied researchers focused on everything from reimagining waste and debt to personalized medicine and building a hydrogen economy.

There are so many stories of innovative breakthroughs happening right here in Alberta. From startups to well-established, large-scale organizations, the spirit of continuous reinvention and innovation deserves to be shared widely. Learn How aims to inform, inspire and activate support for the critical work that researchers, entrepreneurs and others put into these crucial breakthroughs.

The Learn How Innovation Gallery compiles, curates, and presents a diverse mix of companies and people who represent noteworthy sampling of Alberta's innovation.

This site is a great place for job seekers, companies, investors, and the government to explore the many examples of innovation happening in Alberta.



Alberta Innovates is working diligently to help innovators tell their stories. The companies and individuals featured in the Innovation Gallery are exemplars of innovation in their respective market segments.


Job Interview


Connecting Job Seekers with Innovation Opportunities

Have you always wanted to work for a startup? Working to build something impactful, local and making a difference in the community?


Browse the Innovation Gallery and get to know the companies in Alberta. Maybe there's one that will change your life.

Business Plan


Connecting Companies to

Partnership Opportunities

Innovation requires collaboration. From startups to multinationals, innovation accelerates when people and businesses partner to solve problems and invent new, more effective products and services. 

Browse the Innovation Gallery to connect with some of Alberta's leading innovators. 


Connecting Innovators with Public Funding

Telling the story of Alberta innovation 

is critical for "Brand Alberta" and you'll find it all under one roof with this Learn How website.


Albertans have always been innovators, and transformational innovation has delivered
significant returns to the province. As the province’s innovation engine, Alberta Innovates supports research, the growth of business, and helps the start-up community build new technology and drive breakthrough ideas.


Connecting Innovators with Private Investment

As of April 2021, Alberta is home to 3,000 tech companies, 40 percent of which have annual revenues of more than $1 million, and that number is only growing.

Alberta is a clean tech and emerging tech hub with hundreds to companies moving the dial. 
Alberta now has four globally-recognized Accelerators. Don't miss out on what they're seeing.

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